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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jamie Oliver: Pink Slime in 70% of Ground Beef

An astonishing video demonstration of how corporations are literally feeding humans dog food without them even knowing it.  PLEASE SHARE!
See video here...

Also another great article on this issue from the BBC...

Could 'pink slime' be rebranded?

Three out of the four US factories making "lean beef trimmings" are to be shut down following a public outcry. Is "pink slime" - as critics call it - finished or could it be relaunched under a new name?
The look on shoppers' faces as Jamie Oliver sloshed ammonia into a bowl of what he calls "pink slime" said it all.
They were horrified. They appeared to have no idea that the burgers they had been buying all these years contained anything other than prime cuts of beef.
But here was a TV chef showing them, in a 2011 edition of his US show Jamie's Food Revolution, how their burgers are bulked out by meat that in previous decades would have been used for dog food, and is only made fit for human consumption by being treated with chemicals.


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