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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stories from the Sinai

Excerpt:   "We were sitting on a dune overlooking the glittering Red Sea east of Sinai. The mountains of Saudi Arabia could be seen in the distance. It was 1984.

With me were the renowned smuggler-poet Ayaad and his eldest son, Salim. They had asked me to join them “to discuss something serious,” out of earshot of those who were encamped with them. We knew each other well. I had been recording and studying Bedouin poetry for some fifteen years, and Ayaad was the best poet in Sinai.

Once we were seated in the sand, our legs folded before us, Salim, facing me, opened the...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Want to feel unique? Believe in the Reptile people.

He who believes bin Laden is still alive will have something in common with she who believes the 1% are reptiles masquerading as humans: the need to feel unique. For someone with a conspiracy mentality, what matters most is their exclusive knowledge.



The Problem of Hyper Liberalism

Excerpt:  "In institutions that proclaim their commitment to critical inquiry, censorship is most effective when it is self-imposed. A defining feature of tyranny, the policing of opinion is now established practice in societies that believe themselves to be freer than they have ever been."

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