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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cigarettes Could Reach $80 Per Pack In New Zealand

Yet another unwinnable drug war begins but this time in New Zealand...

While it may be noble to get people to quit smoking, we all know that this strategy has been the least successful.  Criminal gangs will simply buy cigarettes from abroad and smuggle them into NZ.  In turn, the NZ government will spend millions fighting these gangs...sounds like a lose-lose situation to me...

As part of an effort to make New Zealand a smoke-free nation by the year 2025, officials at the Ministry of Health have commissioned an economics forecasting firm to model a variety of pricing scenarios showing how increasing the cost of cigarettes would effect smoking prevalence, 3 News reports.
The modeling found that in order to achieve a population-wide smoking prevalence of 5 percent or less, New Zealand would have to institute a pricing plan that would the increase the cost of cigarettes to $100 NZD (about $80 USD) per pack by 2020 with price tags "increasing exponentially after that."  

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