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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Incredible Planet

A collection of fabulous wallpapers from National Geographic...
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Antarctic feeling in the Weddell Sea in January 2007.

In a bone-cold evening in Akihabara (Electric Town), Tokyo.

The broken wall in the foreground is a good representation of the destruction the 2008 winter storms left in California.
This photo shows a woman crossing the Hussaini Bridge with the Passu Cathedrals in the background in Pakistan.
Bali, Indonesia

An 18-wheeler out running a storm in South Dakota.
Frozen clothes peg, USA.

 In the Signature Lounge, at dusk, New York.

I made this image during a 4-day snowshoe trip around Oregon's Crater Lake. These clouds drifted in ahead of a winter storm that arrived the next day. As sunset neared, the approaching storm was still well offshore, allowing for this brilliant display of light as the sun dropped below the horizon.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York.
This photograph was taken at Bryce Canyon with the very first light of the sun from Sunrise Point. It reminded me of the famous suite by Edvard Grieg - 'Peer Gynt', its first part - 'Morning Mood'.
Island of Burano, Italy, by night. 

This photo was taken just after sunrise as large storm swell approached southern California. Oceanside, California.

Pilgrim in her room, O Cebreiro, Saint James Way, Camino de Santiago.
Taken from the Prairie Wind Overlook in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.  The mirrored symmetry with the clouds and light really caught my eye.  The only thing you could hear was the wind rustling through the grass.

This is a 17-minute exposure of Yosemite Valley in late November of 2006. The moon illuminated the scene. 

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