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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Largest Marijuana Crop Ever Discovered in Mexico

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Update apparently 12 Mexican policemen were killed near Los Mochis, Sinaloa.  Possibly revenge.

THIS incredible oasis in the middle of a remote desert is the largest marijuana plantation ever found in Mexico.  According to General Alfonso Duarte Mugica the plantation is 168 times larger than the soccer field in Mexico City's Azteca Stadium.  Located just 6 hours south of the Tijuana\San Diego border, this 300 acre plantation was found by the Mexican military near the town of San Quintin.

Soldiers patrolling a desert area in Baja California stumbled across the massive plantation which was being tended by dozens of men, most of whom escaped with only six being caught later at a military checkpoint.
The men had pumped water through hoses from a well they had dug at the barren site to irrigate the plants, which had grown up to 8 feet tall.

"This marijuana field represents one of the largest found and due to be destroyed in Mexico. The largest found had measured 105 hectares in Rancho de Bufalo in Chihuahua and this one measures 120, so it's the largest found in the country," explained Commander of the Second Military Region of Northern Baja California, General Alfonso Duarte.
Mexico is the largest supplier of marijuana to the United States and recent discoveries highlight this lucrative trade.

Last October, Mexican authorities made their largest-ever seizure of marijuana packaged for sale, a record 148 tons (134 metric tons) found in a number of tractor trailers and houses in Tijuana. They appeared to make up a major distribution center traced directly to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Mexico's most-wanted fugitive, who has expanded the reach of his Sinaloa cartel along the U.S.-Mexico border since escaping from prison in 2001.
In November, U.S. and Mexican investigators found two long, sophisticated tunnels under the border between Baja California and California, along with more than 40 tons of marijuana in and around the tunnels.
The tunnels ran about 2,000 feet from Mexico to San Diego and were equipped with lighting, ventilation and a rail system for drugs to be carried on a small cart.
U.S. officials say they believe the tunnels also were the work of the Sinaloa cartel.

See Video of the Massive Plantation here...


Anonymous said...

and they said we had not seen it, please the goverment knows every place where they have crops, calderon shows this because elections are coming soon he wants to show this to the people as a good effort hehehe, cheers Mike! Arturo!

Ajarn Mike said...

I agree,if there's one crop, there has to be dozens more...Anyway, today I read Vancouver had 9 murders so far in 2011, in Chihuahua City, that's like a weekend here. One newspaper says there has been over 400 murders in Chihuahua City since Jan. 2011. A lot different haha, cheers Arturo