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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The way it used to be

CBS Legend Walter Cronkite Dies

"Most Trusted Man in America" Passes Away in New York at 92.

We were putting the kids to bed when word came that Walter Cronkite died. Immediately I went from being a father—shushing and threatening—to being a kid again. We watched Cronkite before dinner, in the library. I sat cross-legged on the rug. Mom sat on the sofa, and across the room sat Dad in the chair in which he'd fall asleep later that night. I had patches on my jeans and grass stains. I was wearing a Washington Redskins jersey. Everyone was in place, and no one was divorced.....
Cronkite wasn't a robot. His most memorable moments reading the news were personal—his verge-of-tears reading of the bulletin announcing Kennedy's death, and his childlike wonder covering the Apollo 11 launch.....read more at....

Here's a great slide show of Cronkite's life....pics of him with Truman, Eisenhower, and Anwar Sadat and a pic of the day when President Kennedy was shot and Cronkite briefly lost his composure, taking off his glasses to wipe away a tear...

Also another obit at...

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