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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What should I do with my Life?

Po Bronson calls it "the most obvious and universal question on our plates as human beings: What should I do with my life?"

Novelist and business writer Bronson spent two years interviewing more than 900 people who had weighed or were weighing that question. From his research came the book, What Should I Do With My Life? The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question.

For Morning Edition, Bronson describes what he learned from the people he interviewed, and focuses on four: Debbie Brient, once a sales executive; Rick Olson, a onetime lawyer; Don Linn, a former investment banker; and Leela de Souza, whose resume includes stints as a ballerina, Stanford MBA and White House fellow. Each approached their desire for a life change a little differently, he says. But like most of the people he interviewed, ultimately these four were searching for "a place where they can be content, grow roots a little, and make an impact."

In an interview with npr.org, Bronson tells more about the lessons behind people's life-changing quests -- including his own....Read this interesting interview here...


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