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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Legalize Marijuana and Other Ways U.S.-Mexico Can Win Drug War

 Excerpt: "That doesn’t mean I favor abandoning the fight against los narcos. I’m just saying that if the past seven years have shown us anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter whether Peña Nieto ratchets up that fight (as his predecessor did) or dials it down, or whether Washington pumps more or less aid into it—not as long as police and judicial institutions remain dysfunctional in Mexico and demand for illegal drugs remains insatiable in the U.S. Which is why, if Obama and Peña Nieto are the smart politicos they’ve proven to be, they’ll realize that the two most important developments in the drug war over the past six months took place not during any interdiction operation but on election day last November in the U.S., and on Tuesday, April 30, in Mexico."

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