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Thursday, March 8, 2012

100-year-old Vancouver Island driver stopped for speeding for first time

 Stories of the Enduring human spirit are awesome...

VICTORIA— It took 100 years for one B.C. man to tarnish his perfect driving record.
The centenarian was stopped for speeding in a school zone Tuesday, a shock to a traffic officer in the Victoria suburb of Saanich when she saw the 1911 birthdate on a driver’s licence, which was good for another five years.
The traffic officer pulled over the 100-year-old driver in a Buick Century when he was spotted going 50 kilometres an hour in a school zone, where the limit is 30 kilometres an hour.
The man had a flawless driving record, so the traffic officer gave him a warning ticket.
“I was shocked, not only at the 100 years of age, but the brand new five-year renewal driver licence,” said Const. Janice Carmena.


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