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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Anonymous" Vows to Take Down Facebook and Fox News on Nov 5th

 Here are three stories that exemplify the new digital world that now envelops us...Times have sure changed.

Anonymous says it will take down Facebook on Nov. 5

Hacktivist group Anonymous said that it will target Facebook for a takedown on Nov. 5, aka Guy Fawkes Day.
Those claiming to be members of the group uploaded a video to YouTube in mid-July announcing the operation, which was spotted by Rosie Gray of The Village Voice on Tuesday.
Why is the group targeting Facebook? The video message is most critical of Facebook’s privacy policies, saying the site does not provide its users with enough choice or transparency.

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Anonymous Vows to Destroy Fox News Website on Nov. 5th

The group said it is targeting the network for what it called biased news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests occurring in cities across the country.
The network's "continued right-wing, conservative propaganda against the occupations" is the group's catalyst for its intention of "destroying the Fox News Web site," a digitally generated voice on the video explains. "Since they will not stop belittling the occupiers, we will simply shut them down."

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Also, this is a very interesting story as well...

Hacker leaks 90,000 passwords as a warning to 'naive' Swedes

 Sweden has suffered its worst-ever data leak after an anonymous hacker hijacked the Twitter account of a prominent MP and released details of more than 90,000 private email accounts.

The anonymous hacker said he had masterminded the biggest internet breach in Sweden's history to remind people to change their passwords more often.
He said: "I dumped this information to let people know that they handle their information wrongly.  Expressen journalist Micke Ölander said on Thursday the affair wasn't an example of political skulduggery but was merely a wake-up call not to use the same password for all accounts.

"It's a story about the possible naivety of Swedish internet users who log into their bank account and the New York Times web pages using the same password," he said.
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