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Friday, April 29, 2011

Facebook Facial Recognition Software Now In Use

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 It's hard to deny people rights to their personal privacy outright; however, if you chip away little by little...eventually the governments and corporations will get what they want...the end to your personal privacy. 
Here is another chip...

In early April, Engadget posted a short article confirming a rumor that Facebook would be using facial recognition to suggest the names of friends who appeared in newly uploaded photos. You’d be allowed to opt out of tagging, and only friends would be able to tag each other in albums. Nevertheless, a commenter beneath the story quipped, “Awesome! Now I can take pictures of cute girls at the grocery store or at the park, upload them and Facebook will tell me who they are!...

If a face matches someone you previously tagged in another album, Facebook may suggest that person’s name for you. Facebook quietly added the feature to the Privacy Settings, allowing users to disable the peppy-sounding 'Suggest photos of me to friends' option. Most Facebook users probably don’t know that the extra privacy setting is there.

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