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Friday, January 14, 2011

Mexican Drug War Kills 35,000 people in Four years

I was watching news coverage of the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona and all the coverage it received for just 6 dead people. Meanwhile, in the city I'm in (Chihuahua) six people are killed almost everyday. For instance, yesterday a group of armed men walked into a Denny's restaurant with AK-47's and gunned down two people right in the restaurant. Then, this morning I saw the overturned truck above. This was the result of a car chase through the streets of Chihuahua that turned into a gun battle. Cartel members chased this guy with machine guns and well...they finally got him.

And then last week, a prisoner was taken to hospital for a urology exam and his fellow gang members burst into the hospital grabbed a couple of nurses as hostages and used them as human shields as they exchanged fire with the prison guards. The gun battle then emptied out into the streets where it continued with helicopters and the military...luckily only 3 were killed in that incident. Anyway, that's a breakdown of the latest in Chihuahua...not Juarez, but Chihuahua. Main point...shit is crazy down here, but nobody seems to care.

Anyway, here is an article about the latest number of casualties in Mexico's Drug War. Adios, Mike.


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